Digital solutions for a digital world

Our 4-Step Approach

to making your web presence count

We do proper planning

Like the saying goes "plan your work and work your plan" and that is exactly how we do things at SnowCrest Digital. We plan every detail, from the way things will look, right through to the way the continued support will be provided.

We formalize a comprehensive plan, and present it to our client to look through and ask questions or give suggestions. Once the plan is approved by our client, we will follow the plan to the letter and make sure we constantly provide our clients with the feedback they need. We are aimed at providing solutions and not just websites or applications.

People are busy so we schedule times that best suit our clients for them to provide us with instructions, suggestions, likes and dislikes.

Planning is a vital part of any project and we do the right kind of planning

We Design, Develop, Test and Test

The important step for us, as it actually produces what clients hire us to do. Our dedicated team of designers and developers have many years of experience behind them, and they give their absolute best to ensure our client is 100% satisfied.

For us, this is the most rewarding step as we love to create a project from scratch and design something our clients will love for years to come.

SnowCrest Digital specializes in web and mobile application development, as well as desktop and network development. Our team of experienced developers makes sure that instructions are followed in detail and that the end product is tested thoroughly, to ensure we deliver a product our client can be proud of. If it's a business solution you are looking for then look no further. Contact us today and let's solve your problems.

Cutting-edge, focused and innovative web and mobile development

We Optimize and Market like Crazy

Having a great-looking website or app is one thing, but having a 1,000 people visit it daily is completely different. Without visitors or customers a website or a business is basically worthless.

Digital marketing is an effective method for getting visitors to a website and potential leads to a business. It starts with optimizing the website to ensure search engines love it.

Digital marketing is a process that involves many techniques and we make sure to use them all. We also constantly improve on our methods to ensure we stay ahead of the pack and then we adapt to the ever changing nature of the Internet and the way business is done.

The best search engine optimization and digital marketing available today

Constant and Never-ending Improvement

This step is the fun step as progress and feedback from people is gathered and analyzed, to understand what is working and what needs improvement. Without improvement and changing methods, the progress as well as the traffic will slow down and stagnate.

All of the processes need to be improved, so that clients always get the best, while at the same time we can improve on our service, expand our knowledge and provide clients with better options

At SnowCrest Digital our motto is analyze and improve. We want to know what we're doing right and what needs work so at the end of the day, our clients get the best possible products and services.

We constantly improve on our methods, our styling, our knowledge and our service

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Search Engine Marketing

Get more people to click on links to your website resulting in more visitors

With our unique approach to search engine marketing, we ensure that your website link on search engines gets more clicks.

Proven Search Engine Optimization that puts you on top of search engine results.




Social Media Marketing

With effective marketing we can ensure you get more visitors to your website

Social media is all the hype today and people now trust their friends to give them the right information on various topics.

With effective social media marketing your pages get more likes and shares.




Email Marketing

Digital marketing to provide your business with more valuable leads

One of the most effective digital marketing methods. We ensure your emails arrive safely in their inbox.

We make sure people open your emails, that they look forward to getting more and that new people subscribe to getting them.




Digital Marketing

With effective marketing techniques SnowCrest digital will ensure more leads which means more money for your business

Effective digital marketing is a sure way to market your products and services on the Internet.

We tailor make a plan that suits your time frame and budget and we provide you with comprehensive feedback.


Snowcrest Digital did an excellent job of creating and implementing a new WEB site and secure e-commerce page for The Lawson Center boat museum. They have been responsive to our needs, making requested changes quickly and accurately. We are very pleased with their services.

Pat Baldwin

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Anderson and his team at SnowCrest Digital last month. We recently re-branded one of our company divisions and initiated a television advertising campaign that required us to hit the market fairly quickly. As a result, they had very little lead time and only a couple of weeks to complete the project. His team went above and beyond to make sure that they met all of our expectations and we are so happy with the finished product!

Martin Vidal

Chris Anderson and SnowCrest Digital did an amazing job and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to colleagues and associates. Chris and his team are full of cutting edge talent, dedication, true knowledge and passion for web design and development. I believe we created a great partnership with Chris and his team at SnowCrest Digital and their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site.

Allison Buscalgia

FHL Contractors is a company doing construction and renovations in Pretoria. They wanted to revamp their website and also wanted to let us do some digital marketing for them. We used their existin website, changed the layout and changed some colors. For the digital marketing  we created a number of social media accounts, Google account and we started the process of Search Egine Optimization.

Soggo is a Dutch website that help kids manage their studies better and to then study more effeciently. The website has an inteactive calendar that allow a student to drag and drop the various subjects into a time slow. The student is alerted when the time time arrives. Soggo also has a mobile app we built and it uses the latest technology to make it easy for student to plan their studies.

The Lesira app is a mobile application that people who own a Lesira smart meter can use to check their usage for water, gas and electricity. One user account can have multiple meter and the app enables the user to switch between the meters. Te app alerts you when you have a leak and the app provides various statistics. There is a long list of features available for the app and far too many to mention here.
Aberrant medical supplies website

Aberrant is a medical instrument supply company in Johannesburg, South Africa. They wanted a simple website to advertise their products to the people of South Africa. We created an attractive and easy to navigate website. The admin staff at Aberrant is also able to change content themselves and to add or remove products.

web design landing page

Trusted Nurse Staffing is a company based in Buffalo, NY and they needed a landing page for their latest venture.