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About SnowCrest Digital

SnowCrest Digital is a digital marketing and web design company based in the cozy lakeside village of Lakewood, NY. The company was started in 2016 as Skree Marketing LLC and recently re-branded as SnowCrest Digital. Owners Chris Anderson and Calvin Cani, have over a decade of marketing, design and development experience. SnowCrest is a company focused on producing digital solutions for small to medium sized companies, by providing expert-driven web, mobile and digital marketing services.

We are a company driven by a passion for what we do, and not just web design, mobile applications or digital marketing. We have a passion for making people happy and live for the satisfaction a satisfied and happy client gives us. We also believe in providing a complete service to our clients, so they don't have to search for any services we are able to provide. Should we however not be able to provide a particular service our client needs, we will go out of our way to find the best service that client wants. We are a digital marketing, web design and mobile applications development company that also provide hosting, security, system administration and general administration services to our clients.


The history of SnowCrest Digital Web Design Company

Founded 1 January 2016


The mission of SnowCrest Digital Web Design company

Put our clients on top


SnowCrest digital will eventually have branches all over the world

Branches all over the world

Core Values

Our company is based on important values! We have an image to uphold and a reputation to build, which is why from the start we make sure that no matter what, we adhere to our values and we do it right from the start. Most of all, we value our clients and we want our clients to trust and like us. Without a set of values we don't see that happening.



We always do what we say we're going to do. Our word is our bond.



Communication in business is key to maintaining good relationships.



We apply creative in ever aspect of our business.



We have a passion for what we do and it's what we've always wanted to do.



We accept we have faults, but we learn from them and turn them around.



For us, job satisfaction is finding new and innovative ways of doing what we do.

We do it better, faster, more affordable

There are many reasons why you should choose us and stay with us. We are an innovative company who brings decades of experience with us, to ensure we provide the very best design, development, marketing, consulting and hosting services available. That is why we never make a promise we cannot keep, because we always want to give you our word and deliver on that. Choose us because we guarantee that if you are not 100% happy, we won't charge you a cent.



We believe in value for money and affordability for our clients.



We never stop learning and finding new ways of doing things.



We are all about service because that's what we do.



We build lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Our aim is to provide clients with more than just a professional service for getting an online presence. We give clients a combined package of services for owning a website that will give them more valuable leads and higher profits. We also provide clients with an account that makes it easy for them to get quotes, accept quotes, track the progress of their projects and once completed get support very quickly. SnowCrest Digital is your one stop shop for owning, managing and getting your website promoted to the masses.