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Digital Marketing Packages

Why we don't offer marketing packages

People always ask us if we have marketing packages they can sign up for and we always have the same answer. Selling people marketing packages is the same as placing companies inside a box and that doesn't work for us and it should not work for you. Every company is unique and even though they might sell the same products, or be in the same industry they are different on many levels and in many ways:

  • Not all companies are in the business for the same amount of time
  • Not all companies are the same size
  • Not all companies have the same staff or company set up
  • Not all companies use the same technologies
  • Not all companies have the same clientele

The list goes on but we're sure you get the general idea.

We consider every client's needs unique and we want every client to get the best value for money, otherwise we might sell services to companies that they don't need but end up paying for. Not fair!

That is why we assess every client and company and we make sure we know your business, what your dreams and goals are and also what your budget is. We then create a plan that suits your business and your pocket 100%. We present this plan and we answer any and all questions you might have, making sure you are clear on what's going to happen, how long it will take and what you can expect.

Give us the opportunity to show you what we're made of and we assure you we will not disappoint.